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El Super is committed to supporting the communities it serves. Our stores pride themselves on being active members in their communities, and as such, we have had a long history of social involvement and charitable support.

El Super Contigo administers several programs and community outreach activities that benefit both the El Super community and its surrounding areas.

El Super - Contigo Charitable Programs:

  • Student of the Quarter Program
  • Annual El Super (CGA Piggy Back) Scholarship Program
  • Donations to community organizations, schools, churches, police, and fire departments
  • Sponsorship of local community events like East LA Mexican Independence Parade, Huntington Park’s Christmas Lane Parade, St. Ignatius Annual Casino night and many more 

El Super Contigo – Volunteers:

El Super is very proud of its volunteer program, which mobilizes staff across the company to donate time and energy to a variety of causes. This program allows our employees to participate in our efforts to give back to the communities where we do business.

El Super volunteers are encouraged to focus on assisting El Super's adopted schools with community clean ups, "plant a tree" day, school fairs, fundraisers, Turkey drives, Toy drives and student events. Employees can also donate their time to other local non-profit agencies.

El Super Contigo – How to apply:

El Super is pleased to accept written requests for funding from nonprofit, tax-exempt entities. Each proposal must include a current copy of the determination letter from the IRS verifying the organization’s tax status or Tax ID should be included in the request letter. The determination letter should be:

1) Addressed to the organization that requested the nonprofit, tax-exempt status

2) State that it is tax-exempt under Section 501C of the Internal Revenue Code

El Super reviews funding requests regularly. Your request should be received for review at least 6 weeks prior to the date of funding. This allows proper time for consideration by El Super.  Should funding be approved, it gives sufficient time to coordinate corporate participation.   To enable El Super to review your request as thoroughly as possible, please provide the following information in your proposal.  You should include monetary amount or detailed items (goods) you seek from El Super, how the funds or items are to be used. If you are requesting funds or items for an event please provide information on how many people will attend and, if possible, names of other organizations that include support to the cause.  

El Super may request an expanded proposal with a personal appearance by a representative of your organization. Indicate a specific contact name, address, and telephone number for an individual within your organization who can answer any questions concerning your request. If sponsorship is granted El Super would request some of the following, but not limited to; organization recognizing El Super by either and placing banner at event, inserting El Super logo in promotional materials, acknowledging El Super in there program, distributing El Super promotional materials and/or allowing El Super Representative to speak at function depending on type and magnitude.   El Super will notify your organization in writing, email or by telephone of your status.

Please address all correspondence:

Bodega Latina dba El Super
Donations Department
14601B Lakewood Blvd.
Paramount, CA 90723
Fax: 562.616.8647
Email: customerservice@elsuper.org

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